Glossary-Guide for Translating Husserl

Aims of the GTH project

The first and foremost aim is to establish a glossary that can be used as a guide for translating the works of Edmund Husserl into Spanish, so the future translations (including the future editions of those already existent) can achieve a terminological uniformity based on a reasonable consensus, a uniformity desirable in cases, such as this one, of the translations of scientific texts.

The ultimate aim, in whose stepwise realization I am inviting the phenomenological community to participate, is giving the glossary a multilingual character, so that it may serve to aid in the translation of the works of Husserl to every language dead or alive. This multilingual glossary will be, naturally, a development of the one initiated by Dorion Cairns in his Guide for Translating Husserl.

The glossary herewith presented will be (at least that is my intention) a permanent and constantly renewed publication, that should be continue to develop as long as my own work progresses, and, most importantly, as long as external contributions are received.

This, then, is an invitation to all interested parties, to collaborate in the project, though it is principally directed to those who specialize themselves in the study of the thought of Husserl and have acquired a certain acquaintance with his terminology.