Glossary-Guide for Translating Husserl

GTH in NB Ibidem

The GTH data-base is built and handled with Ibidem, a module of the word-processor Nota Bene for Windows (5.5), an excelent word-processor for academic work. If you use Nota Bene, you may write a note to to ask for the GTH data-base in NB Ibidem format, either in a diskette or as an email attachment.

If you want to know Nota Bene and NB Ibidem, visit:

If you want to have GTH in some other format or special modality, or, say, prepare it for a quality print-out, write to and tell your case. Chances are we will have a solution for it.

However, in most cases the most practical and easy way to use and look-up GTH in a regular PC or pocket PC will no doubt be to have it in TomeRaider format: GTH in TomeRaider format and GTH06.tr3.